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Over products and solutions are now using over 50 hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. With Next Code solutions, hospital can make better patient care and customer services with the help of latest technologies. Our solutions also support to decision makers to make the right statistical and analysis activities to improve overall performance of hospital/clinic.


Display solution can provide hospitals for information and announcement service by mounting large TV screen in public area of hospital. Patient can also check the information changes from their mobile app.


QRS can provide effective waiting time by using token number base on "first-come first-serve" method. QRS help management to reduce crowded people in service counter. QRS help customer to easy understand with friendly user interface and audio sound.

Token Manager

Mobile first solution for patient booking and appointment. Token Manager can provide easy managing booking and effective notification of up-to-date information to end-user. TM help in management with easy user-interface and can complete booking within phone call. TM help end-user to see booking detail information and will remind the appointment schedule.


MyHMS can provide full-cycle operation of hospital. MyHMS help to see well-beyond the finance and operation of hospital by using clear and effective reports. MyHMS help to know the last-minute updated stock inventory status.