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Display solution can provide hospitals for information and announcement service by mounting large TV screen in public area of hospital ...


QRS can provide effective waiting time by using token number base on "first-come first-serve" method. QRS help management to reduce crowded people in service ...


Mobile first solution for patient booking and appointment. BookDoctor can provide effective ways for both doctors and patients

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MyHMS can provide full-cycle operation of hospital. MyHMS help to see well-beyond the finance and operation of hospital by using clear and effective reports ...

what is next code?

Next Code is a digital healthcare platform with aim to advance healthcare services by utilizing seamless integration of people, information, technology and innovation.
We are determined to actively contribute to the society and nation by shaping better healthcare services throughout Myanmar and beyond.

about us

Easy, Reliable and Fast !

Because Next Code solutions and product were developed based on the actual requirement of hospitals and clinics by learning and researching through the operation of hospital and clinics, users can have the instant value and benefits from those solutions and product.


With Next Code solutions, hospital can make better patient care and customer services with the help of latest technologies.
Our solutions also support to decision makers to make the right statistical and analysis activities to improve overall performance of hospital/clinic.


"Next Code has been providing softwares and services to us for 7 years. They've been managing the software systems effectively based on high performance team and service technicians."

Dr. Kyaw Kyaw
CEO, Zaw Hospital

"Innovation, continuous improvement, user friendliness, quality service and efficient professionals are significances of Next Code, and we are glad to have Next Code as software and service provider for our medical centre."

Dr. Min Min Aung
Executive Director, Khit Myat Noe Clinic

"We’ve been working with Next Code for 3 years and they support our hospital with the best technology and high performance team."

Dr. Soe Thu Naung
Aye Thiri Hospital


Zaw Hospital

Kwekabaw Hospital

Sakura Hospital

Central Clinic

Khit Myat Noe Clinic

Shwe Bhone Diagnostic Excellent Center